Whistleblowing Channel

Griot Studios encourages the reporting of suspected or actual occurrence(s) of illegal, unethical or inappropriate events (behaviours or practices).

How do I report?

You can choose to maintain confidentiality in reporting. To report anonymously, send us an email through a secured address https://anonymousemail.me/

Note: Reporting anonymously means we would not be able to contact you for further enquiries, if needed, or to give report updates.

To report your identity, send us an email via complaints@griotstudios.org

How we handle your report

  1. You will receive a confirmation acknowledging receipt of your report. 
  2. Your identity (if provided) shall remain confidential to those persons directly involved in handling the report and, where necessary, by law enforcement.
  3. You would receive correspondence, regarding the investigation, disposition, or resolution of the issue, within 2 (two) months of the initial report.
  4. You shall receive no retaliation or retribution for a report that was provided in good faith – that is not done in malice, in a bid to damage personnel or the Company.

You are fostering our commitment to upholding the integrity and ethical conduct by reporting your concern to us. Thank you for using our whistleblowing channel.